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Inspired Solutions: Your Trusted Easy Button

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Inspired Solutions is a world-class IT value-added reseller and logistics solutions company providing turnkey IT and Logistics Management solutions. As a Minority, Woman, and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned small business, Inspired Solutions can help you achieve your diverse spend needs while providing world-class information technology (IT) services and material logistics solutions to meet the business and operational needs of customers. 

Our Mission

To inspire the world by providing diverse, innovative solutions with a customer-centric approach. We create a culture where our Team Members thrive, the business prospers, and we make a global impact.

Our Core Values | ASPIRE





Risk Management


Our Story

Isabella Piña, CEO & President of Inspired Solutions, has over 20 years of experience in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, spent 16 years as a Registered Nurse, and proudly served in the United States Army for 21 years. However, her journey truly began in the small, impoverished island of Dominica. While living in Dominica, she developed three distinct qualities: grit, perseverance, and an unwavering dedication to achieving her dreams. Overcoming all odds, she relied on her entrepreneurial spirit to lead her to the U.S. with only the clothes on her back, and the determination that she could one day achieve her American dream.

As a public servant who retired from the U.S. Army after serving for 21 years, Isabella built her company with three simple philosophies: invest in people, solve critical challenges, and give back to communities and people who need it most. She has achieved these goals by bettering herself as a leader, empowering others to grow themselves, and founding Inspired Solutions to help other companies achieve their goals.

Inspired Solutions is committed to helping organizations solve their supply logistics challenges by acting as an IT value-added reseller. Isabella brings decades of consulting experience, industry connections, and professional asset management skills to help companies serve their own customers through more efficient distribution channels. Inspired Solutions has warehouse/distribution facilities in eight states – Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Iowa, Louisiana, Colorado, and Alabama – and is growing daily, ready to meet the challenges of your business.

Inspired Solutions provides the following IT and Logistics Management Solutions:


Strategic Sourcing

Inspired Solutions acts as a partner and IT value-added reseller to alleviate our customers of the sourcing burden involved in major projects. Through our partnerships with dozens of manufacturers and distributors nationwide, our sourcing team leverages buying power along with relationships to provide equipment and supplies on-time, within budget.

Strategic Staffing

Our IT professionals are proven experts in the following areas: network design and engineering, AV design and installation, inside and outside plan installation and management, program/project management, and strategic supply-chain procurement and logistics services.

Logistics Management

From a general logistics management perspective: Inspired Solutions provides sourcing/procurement and warehousing of equipment and supplies, program/project management for large deployments, and day-to-day on-site support services.

Our Certifications

As a Diversity Prime Contractor, or by assisting in large primes, Inspired Solutions can meet all your needs to accomplish your goals.

Giving Back

Giving back to the community is at the heart of their culture and integrated into the everyday work of Inspired Solutions. As a World Pediatric Project board member and co-founder of RIPMinistries with her husband, Rick, Isabella prioritizes community service and helping those less fortunate.

As a proud partner of the Keeley Companies, Inspired Solutions has teamed up with #KeeleyCares as a way of changing lives. Isabella and her team are committed to working with the Keeley Companies, aiding the mission to give back to those who need it most.

“#KeeleyCares touches the core of what I care about. Having children who live like I did as a child, inspires and drives me to give back. Working with a Partner who is committed to helping communities and people, regardless of circumstance, makes me proud to partner with the Keeley Companies.”

-Isabella Piña, CEO & President

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