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Inspired Solutions + World Wide Technology: TAP Program

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Inspired Solutions and World Wide Technology have had a strong, long-lasting relationship. It is because of this trusted partnership that World Wide Technology called on Inspired Solutions to help build their Technician Apprenticeship Program (TAP). The TAP Program originated from the Inspired Solutions team sitting down with WWT to discuss how, as a diverse company, Inspired Solutions can help them reach their goals and vision for the future. This encompasses bringing in new talent, developing them, and giving them the resources they need to be successful and grow their career with World Wide.

What is the TAP Program?

This unique, four-week program trains and brings new team members up to speed on everything they need to know before they even step foot onto the floor. At the beginning of the program, the new hires are in a classroom environment learning WWT’s foundation and the job itself. Then, throughout the four weeks, they learn all of what the role encompasses and what it means to be a technician in an interactive, hands-on format. When it comes time for them to enter the lab, these team members are fully trained on World Wide Technology’s core values, what the role entails, and they are fully immersed into the WWT culture.

“Ultimately, the goal is to provide trained, qualified resources that can immediately have impact on our supply chain floors.”

-Javon Coleman, Supplier Diversity PGM | World Wide Technology


Culture is integral to the success at Inspired Solutions and World Wide Technology. This commonality and dedication to enhancing culture in every aspect of the business is what has made this partnership so valuable.

“At WWT, we really speak to the culture and Inspired Solutions was able to take that culture and teach it to the new hires so once they graduate from the TAP Program, they really have that culture instilled in them.”

-Tim Ribes, Recertification Lab Manager | World Wide Technology

World Wide Technology’s core values are something that graduates, and all team members, can take outside and use in everyday life. This is referred to as THE PATH – Trust, Humility, Embracing Change, Passion, Attitude, Teamwork, and Honesty. THE PATH aligns perfectly with Inspired Solutions’ core values of ASPIRE – Accountability, Service, People-Centric, Integrity, Risk Management, and Empowerment – thus forming a one-of-a-kind partnership that is set up for success.

“The culture is beautiful. I know I am comfortable working here because of the moral and values that World Wide Technology has implemented.”

-Khlia Hewitt, Lab Technician In-Training | World Wide Technology


The success of this program is due to the dedication, passion, and excitement from everyone involved, whether that be Inspired Solutions team members, World Wide team members, or the students going through the program. Success has come in many forms, from the reception from the business, to the partnership between WWT and Inspired Solutions, to the impact they have had on the entire floor as well as their individual teams, it has been felt on every level. However, the most prominent area of success is that the team has achieved almost 50% diversity in the applicants that have gone through and graduated from the TAP Program.

“We have been really pleased with the success that we are seeing so far and it has everything to do with the core values of Inspired Solutions. Their willingness to listen and understand what our needs were and understand our processes was important to us, and for them to take that and continue to iterate and evolve the solution has been incredibly successful. The hope is that this will continue for a very long time.”

-Juanita Logan, Area Vice President | World Wide Technology

We are so grateful for our partnership with World Wide Technology and are incredibly proud that they have entrusted us with helping to form, implement, and grow this groundbreaking program. This is only the beginning!

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