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Inspired Solutions is Empowering Education and Making a Global Impact

Inspired Solutions is a partner with Rick & Isabella Pina Ministries ( RIPMinistries conducts an annual Back to School Drive in the Dominican Republic, creating a positive impact on children and their families. Since the inception of the annual event (in 2015) with 200 backpacks, the non-profit organization has made it a mission to increase the number of beneficiaries every year. This year, the team joyfully distributed 700 backpacks

filled with essential school supplies, taking one step closer to their vision of transforming lives through education.

The mission of Inspired Solutions is:

"To inspire the world by providing diverse, innovative solutions with a customer-centric approach. We create a culture where our Team Members thrive, the business prospers, and we make a global impact."

The last statement, the call to make a global difference, was profoundly ingrained in the heart of our CEO, Isabella Piña. Growing up in the Caribbean amidst abject poverty, Isabella's grandmother, Cecelia Paul (who raised her), instilled the belief that education was the key to breaking free from the chains of poverty. This powerful conviction is one of the driving forces behind Inspired Solutions' partnership with RIPMinistries for the Back to School Drive, and various other philanthropic endeavors.

A few weeks ago, three members of our Inspired Solutions team - our CEO, COO, and Exec Sales Ops Manager - actively participated in the Back to School Event on the ground in the Dominican Republic. Witnessing firsthand the joy on the faces of the children receiving their backpacks and supplies reinforced our belief in the power of giving back to the community.

At Inspired Solutions, our culture thrives on the spirit of giving, as each team member actively supports charitable organizations and events.

We strongly believe in the incredible impact that a small group of compassionate individuals can make when their hearts are devoted to giving. It is this very spirit that makes Inspired Solutions a special and fulfilling place to work.

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