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How to Find the Perfect Diverse Supplier

In today’s world, utilizing diverse suppliers is imperative to the success of your business. There are hundreds of diverse suppliers that are eager to jump at the chance to help your business thrive. So, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are three ways to find the perfect diverse supplier for your needs.

1. Understand Your Internal Needs & Diverse Spend Requirements

Searching for a diverse supplier can be a long and challenging process. An easy way to help alleviate the burden of searching is simply to understand the internal needs of your organization. Is important that all personnel on a project understand these needs and communicate them effectively throughout the organization – from leadership all the way down to the craftspeople that will be on the jobsite every day. Diverse suppliers can benefit every aspect of your organization, so it is vital for everyone in the organization to see and understand your company’s commitment to diversity and helping the business succeed.

As you are searching for a diverse supplier, it is essential to understand what your diverse spend requirements are. First, you have to take a look at the money you are currently spending on diverse suppliers and initiatives. Once you determine that amount, it is time to move onto Tier 2 reporting – having your prime suppliers report on their diverse suppliers and how much they are spending. Ensure that your prime suppliers are establishing goals and including their diverse spend requirements in their contracts. When it comes to diverse suppliers, fostering second-tier relationships is just as important as strengthening first-tier relationships. It is important to utilize second-tier diverse suppliers and develop them with the intention of promoting them into a first-tier supplier.

Diverse suppliers are always looking to help a business succeed. By forming these relationships and building people up, you will develop a robust pipeline of diverse suppliers that will contribute to your bottom line and work with you for years to come.

2. Look for Qualified & Certified Suppliers

After understanding your needs and your spend requirements, it is time to determine what qualifications are needed for your project or business. There are a number of certifications that a diverse supplier can hold, so it is important to understand which ones mean the most to your business. These certifications are attained through third-party certification agencies. The more certifications a diverse supplier has, the easier it is to find them and the quicker they will grow. Certifications open the door for networking and educational opportunities that will shed light on the need for diverse suppliers and will help these programs grow and improve their practices and services. Inspired Solutions is proud to be certified supplier that can help you accomplish all of your goals.

3. Attend or Host Diverse Supplier Events

As previously stated, it is vital to build a robust diverse supplier base. One of the best ways to build your network and foster new relationships is to attend diverse supplier events. Through fairs, matchmaking events, and networking events, your business can become introduced to suppliers that may be a perfect match for your needs that you may not have discovered otherwise. If you are able, your company can even host one of these events, bringing in suppliers from across the nation to learn about your industry and diverse spend initiatives.

Along with meeting established, certified suppliers, these events are also an opportunity to meet diverse suppliers who are just starting out in the industry. If you company is able, you can nurture these suppliers and build them up into a supplier you will use for years to come. By giving them valuable resources, such as funding continuous learning opportunities, you will form a life-long relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

Inspired Solutions is proud to be a world-class IT value-added reseller and logistics solutions company providing turnkey IT and Logistics Management solutions. Click here to learn more about the services offered and how Inspired Solutions can help you meet all of your diverse spend requirements.

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