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Empowering Communities and Inspiring the Next Generation: The Remarkable Journey of Kim Hunt

At Inspired Solutions, we are thankful to have leaders on the team who dedicate their lives to uplifting and empowering the communities in which we live, work, and play. Today, we want to spotlight Kim Hunt.  

Kim's journey is rooted in the principles of leadership through service, a tenet instilled in her by her parents, Morris & Flossie Hunt. In 2009, she envisioned a non-profit organization, and after years of preparation, Saving Black Minds came into existence in 2015. This 501(c)(3) organization is committed to supporting communities in their quest for a brighter future, with a focus on becoming financially and vocationally independent.

Under Kim's leadership, Saving Black Minds has launched several initiatives. One of them is "Off 2 A Great Start," which began as a simple idea to provide back-to-school kits to students in need and has since grown exponentially, aiding hundreds of families with school uniforms and essential supplies. Additionally, the organization runs a girls' mentoring program, "It's a Queen Thing," guiding young women as they transition into adulthood.

Kim's journey has not been without challenges. Establishing Saving Black Minds as a reputable organization and securing funding were significant hurdles, but her perseverance and dedication have seen the organization grow and flourish. Her partnership with School District 189 is a testament to her commitment to serving the community.

Beyond her non-profit work, Kim has an impressive professional background. A graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Administrative Information Systems, she has built a successful career in business and education, holding positions at AT&T and the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis. Currently, she is a key part of our team at Inspired Solutions, serving as the Lead TAP Supervisor for one of our major training programs.

What sets Kim apart is her leadership style. She believes in leading from the front, the middle, and the back, a philosophy that has allowed her to influence and grow with every interaction. She's a living example of the impact one can have by being committed to lifelong learning and community service.

Kim optimizes the culture of Inspired Solutions as she seeks to inspire others and impact the world for good!

To learn more about Kim Hunt's inspiring story and her profound impact on the community, we encourage you to read the full article on VoyageSTL.

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